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Bespoke Planning

When you are young the last thing you want to think about is saving for your retirement, which seems so far away. Nowadays, your state pension is unlikely to provide you with an income which will enable you to maintain your lifestyle from your working life into retirement.  This makes it essential to start preparing for your retirement as early as possible. As pension advisers, we are here to help you make the right choices by assessing your circumstances and goals and putting together a retirement plan to last your lifetime.

Perhaps you have done your preparation and are close to your retirement. If so, you have one more big decision to make - how to draw down your pension and get it working best for the lifestyle you want. There are a few options to consider: Take out a lump sum? Invest some of it? Or get an income for life?

No matter who your pension is with or even if you have not yet set one up, contact us about your retirement planning, working with Archers is a smart way to make the most of what you have and fully embrace your retirement.

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